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Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation
Class 02: Introduction to Modeling


    • Box Modeling & Primitive Modeling
    • Basic Modeling Tool-set
    • Week 02 Character Primitive Model Lab

You made it to class two!

Box-Modeling & Primitive Modeling

Box Modeling

Box Modeling is the process by which you produce a 3D model by first creating a simple cube (box), then applying tools to extrude, cut, and subdivide the object to produce a more complex piece of geometry.

This method of modeling is often considered the simplest to start with. It is very good for modeling “boxy” object but when trying to develop an organic shape the initial box still feels apparent even with major topology changes.

Primitive Modeling

There are many different approaches to polygonal modeling. Primitive modeling is a great way to start. It involves breaking down larger more complicated models into their smaller simpler parts.

3D Modeling Tool-Set

Polygon Creation

One easy way to get what you are looking for is to start with the shape you need with the topology necessary for manipulation.


Allows you to combine two separate polygonal objects so that you may work on them as one object.


Breaks a single object that has gaps into two separate objects.


Smooth will “smooth” a surface by subdividing the geometry.


Allows you to select a face or edge and extend it forwards while creating the necessary geometry to support the movement.


This tool allows you to insert edges and edge loops onto the surface of a model.

Fill Hole

Does exactly what the name suggests, it will fill in a hole in a surface.


This will “bridge” a gap between two selected edges.


Bevel inserts a ring of faces between selected edges to “round” out an area.

Slide Edge

Will move a selected edge across a surface.


Allows you to take two or more vertices or edges and combine them into one.

Target Weld

Like merge it combines edges/vertices but it is done by clicking and dragging one vert or edge to another making it more interactive.

Week 02 Character Primitive Model Lab

Week 02 Character Primitive Model Lab:

In much the same way that you produced the previous assignment Primitive Animal Render you will create a primitive version of human character. This time you will learn how to combine these forms into a single mesh sharing components. Once completed you will zip your Maya project folder and submit it on Blackboard for grading.

You will be graded on the following:
  • Reference Accuracy
    • The model closely resembles the reference turnaround images.
  • Geometry
    • Produce a clean mesh with few errors.
  • Topology
    • Strong gridflow¬†that supports the form well.
  • Aesthetic
    • Excellent design that is appealing to look at.
Assignment Video Tutorials
You may watch these tutorial videos below to help you complete your assignment.
Assignment Lab Materials
You may download the images used in lab here: 3D_week02LabMaterials.

Assignment Video Tutorials

You may download the images used in lab here: 3D_week02LabMaterials.

Wait! Before you go!

Did you remember to?

  • Read through this webpage
  • Watch the videos
  • Submit the Turnaround Sketch on Discussion board
  • Submit Week 02 Character Primitive Model Lab on Blackboard