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Char Rig Class 06


  • Motion Capture Cleanup
  • Creating Loops
  • Pose to Pose Animation Technique
  • Assignment 02

Motion Capture Clean Up

Motion Capture Cleanup:

You should complete the following:

  1. Import the fbx
  2. Attach it to the rig
  3. Prune the keys
  4. Polish the results

Creating Loops


You need to make your actions cycle-able for use in a game environment.

Pose to Pose Animation Technique


The Pose to pose blocking method involves blocking key story-telling poses, then key frames, then key inbetweens/breakdowns, and so on until the shot is complete.

Easiest to complete
Quickest for passable result
Fluid movement
More work on back end (lots of graph work).
Shot evolves less (good and bad).
Can look very pose to posey (duh).

Pose to Pose Process:

  1. Extremes Poses First:
    These are your story-telling poses, typically anticipation, reaction, contacts

    Place these on the closest beats (1/2 second)

  2. Adjust Timing :
    Watch your sequence and slide your keys closer to what you want
  3. Key-Breakdown Poses:
    These poses are usually halfway between your key poses, typically action, and arc supporting
  4. Re-Adjust Timing:
     Once the breakdowns have been place you have a better idea of your timing so you may need to readjust.
  5. Supportive Breakdown Poses:
    Make more breakdowns and further adjust your timing

    At this point your animation should look complete (maybe jerky)

  6. Interpolate with the Graph:
    Convert tangents to spline

    Prune unnecessary keys

    Further adjust tangents (linear, flat, weighted, etc.)

  7. Finesse, Texture, Nuance :
    Add micro-poses to break up timing

    Delay keys for overlapping and dragging motions

    Fix mistakes and smooth out any strange areas, this may mean placing a lot of keys or adding deformations

  8. Render:
    Send it down the pipeline for review and then render the final product

This is a great example of a typical process at a major studio.

Assignment 02

Human Action Cycle

Creating a complex human rig and animating it in a believable way is very time-consuming. One way to by-pass this is to use an auto-rig and apply motion capture. Since human characters are generally the same this is actually a very viable option for most productions. In this assignment you will use an auto-rig solution and apply motion capture that you record to produce human action cycles that would be appropriate for a game production. You may use any bipedal humanoid model that you create, have created, or acquire.

For Next Class: Complete the animations

You will be graded on the following:
  • Human IK Rigging
    • Apply Autodesk Maya's Human IK rigging to a humanoid model.
  • Weight Painting
    • Adjust the default bind weights to develop more aesthetically desirable deformations.
  • Motion Capture Application
    • Capture multiple motions, apply them to the rigged model, and cleanup the results.
  • Animation (adjust and cycle)
    • Adjust the mocap animation data to enhance it, make it cycle, and prepare it for export.
  • You can find the rubric under the Assignments content folder in Canvas.

Assignment 02 Tutorial Videos