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Web Design I
Class 05: Biography Page Project


    • Biography Page Project

Hi five!

…oh right.

Biography Page Project

Biography Page Project

The first four labs were directed towards manually coding a fixed-width webpage. Using the skills learned in these labs you will produce your own fixed-width webpage that is a biography about yourself. Since this is a project you have a lot more lee-way to make your own unique design choices. You are required to include some elements in your webpage however.

You will be graded on the following:
  • Basic Document & File Structure:
    • Master folder created with correct sub folders.
    • All files named and placed correctly.
    • Basic HTML and CSS structure produced.
  • Content
    • Descriptive and well-written informative text.
    • Properly formatted images incorporated.
  • HTML & CSS
    • Correct and accurate HTML tags applied.
    • Strong, robust CSS rules employed.
  • Aesthetic:
    • Interesting and appealing design.
    • Professional quality.
Assignment Video Tutorials
You may watch any of the videos from the previous labs
Assignment Lab Materials
No lab materials. It’s your own creation!

Assignment Video Tutorials

Wait! Before you go!

Did you remember to?

  • Read through this webpage
  • Watch the videos
  • Submit the Biography Page Project on Blackboard
  • Post your biography page on the Biography Page Project Critique Discussion Board
    • … and reply to at least two of your peers’ work on the Discussion Board