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Char Rig Class 14


  • Polish
  • Rendering
  • Assignment 04



The proud people of Poland. Also this is the process of cleaning up your animation by making another pass on your animation after critique, cleaning up your animation by pruning your animation graph, and adding texture to the motions so they are not overly smooth.


Light & Render:

You should produce basic lighting and render out the film for submission.

Assignment 04

Lip-Sync Animation

The last assignment you will produce a character performance based off of a pre-recorded vocal track. This vocal track may be whatever you like but you must build an entire self-contained scene out of it. You are basically making a mini short film. You must find a small audio clip (roughly 10 sec), block out the main key story-telling poses, develop facial poses & lip-sync, and render the results.

For Next Class: Complete the rendering & lighting

You will be graded on the following:
  • Scene Setup (vocal track, character rig, environment, cameras, etc.)
    • Create a Maya project folder with all necessary assets incorporated. In a Maya scene reference your rig, environment and establish lighting & cameras.
  • Animation Posing
    • Apply strong story-telling poses that add subtext to the vocal track.
  • Animation Timing
    • Develop snappy, interesting, believable movement.
  • Lip-Sync
    • Match the vocal track with mouth and face features to give the impression the character is talking.
  • You can find the rubric under the Assignments content folder in Canvas.

Assignment 04 Tutorial Videos