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Digital Imaging IV
Class 09: Adobe Animate


    • Introduction to Adobe Animate
    • Graphic Creation
    • Infographic Lab

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Introduction to Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate:

Adobe Animate is an animation and web publishing software that is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Animate was previously called Flash. It has been redesigned and is now capable at exporting HTML 5 standards and not just flash materials. Animate is meant to be a designer friendly way of publishing interactive and animated content using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript without a deep knowledge of programming.

Animate is capable of creating website, web content, graphics, animated video, interactive content, video games, mobile apps, and much more.

You may purchase an educational subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud and download Animate here.

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Graphic Creation


Infographic as a word is the combination of information and graphic. This is a pretty good definition of what an infographic is. An infographic is imagery that is produced in order to better illustrate a concept and increase comprehension of data. Early examples of infographics would be tables, bar graphs, and pie charts. Though these are visual and better convey information than straight numbers they generic and less visually appealing. There are no specific rules for infographics, a good starting point is to use visual cues that the audience can relate to and understand well. For example, when describing size and weight of large prehistoric animals, automobiles may be used.

These articles have excellent information and examples of infographics

Infographic Lab

Infographic Lab:

In this lab you will become familiar with the Adobe Animated workspace by creating infographics. A theme, graphics, and page layout will be designed.

You will be graded on the following:
  • Graphic Craftsmanship
    • Images are proper size, resolution, and format.
    • Images are clean, readable, and appropriate.
    • An alpha channel (transparency) is present.
  • Graphic Aesthetics
    • The design of the artwork is novel/innovative.
    • The style hasĀ a unique appeal.
  • Page Design
    • Clean proper use of space that has an efficient viisual hierarchy
  • Creativity
    • The design is appealing and novel.
Assignment Video Tutorials
You may watch these tutorial videos below to help you complete your assignment.
Assignment Lab Materials
You may download the lab materials here: N/A

Assignment Video Tutorials

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  • Infographic Lab on Blackboard