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3D Character Creation
Class 05: UV Mapping


  • UV’s
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UVs are two-dimensional texture coordinates that reside with the vertex component information for polygonal and subdivision surface meshes. UVs exist to define a two-dimensional texture coordinate system, called UV texture space. UV texture space uses the letters U and V to indicate the axes in 2D. UV texture space facilitates the placement of image texture maps on a 3D surface.

UVĀ Mapping:

The process of creating explicit UVs for a surface mesh is called UV mapping. UV mapping is a process whereby you create, edit, and otherwise arrange the UVs (that appear as a flattened, two-dimensional representation of the surface mesh, over top of the two-dimensional image to be used as a texture as it appears in the UV Texture Editor.

Practical UV Explanation:

UV’s are the visual representation of the three-dimensional polygonal model in a two-dimensional space. Think of taking a shirt that contains volume, removing the stitching, and flattening the various clothe pieces flat. That is the of equivalent of what must be done to a 3D model.

Class 05 Lab

Human Model (uv mapping) Lab

Before you can sculpt and texture the final details of the model you must map its UV’s. This is a somewhat tedious process but the quality of the results will directly affect the final outcome of the model.

You will be graded on the following:
  • Lab Requirements
    • Techniques and processes covered in the instructional material is followed and implemented.
  • Creativity & Craftsmanship
    • Excellent design choices, novel & appealing, and solid clean caliber work.
Assignment Video Tutorials
You may watch the tutorial videos below to help you complete your assignment.

Assignment Video Tutorials

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