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Char Rig Class 11


  • Other Rigging
  • Rig Cleanup
  • Assignment 03

Other Rigging

Set Driven Key Hands

Set driven keys allow you to record attribute values much like animation keys but instead of being tied to the timeline they are tied to other attribute values. For example, You can create attributes for each finger in a hand, then record the joint rotations of the finger joints at different values for those attributes.

Other Rigging

Let's finish up other missing rigging elements such as the eye rigging.

Rig Cleanup

Cleanup the Rig

This means parenting everything together, removing of extra nodes, and placing everything under a single node.

Assignment 03

Character Rig

Although auto-rigs are useful for quickly rigging characters you have little control over them. Instead it is a good idea to create custom rigs that you understand and can make adjustments to. In this next assignment you will manually produce a character rig. You may use any bipedal humanoid character you like.

For Next Class: Complete the rig (cleanup)

You will be graded on the following:
  • Model Prep & Skeleton Placement
    • Evaluate and correct any problems in the model and create the skeleton.
  • Weight Painting
    • Adjust the default bind weights to develop more aesthetically desirable deformations.
  • Rigging
    • Create the rigging such as FK, IK, and Spline solvers with curves for controllers.
  • Blend Shapes
    • Design a variety of blend shapes to allow for facial movements.
  • You can find the rubric under the Assignments content folder in Canvas.

Assignment 03 Tutorial Videos