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Multimedia Production
Class 14: Interface Design


    • GUI, UI, UX
    • Casual Game Project

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User Interface. Is the design element of user/machine interaction. The goal is for the user to effectively and, if possible, intuitively control a device or software. There are whole degrees dedicated to the study of this field.


Graphical User Interface. A subset of UI but often these are used interchangeably. GUI is simple the construction and application of imagery for the user to interact with.


User Experience.

Portfolio Website:

It is not required to follow the tutorial below. In it I just cover how to make a website as a portfolio to hold the work you have created in this class.

Casual Game Project

Casual Game Project

For this project you will develop your own casual mobile game. You may either use the tutorials provided or find your own online. There should unique custom graphics that you produce in either Adobe Animate or other program such as Photoshop. The code will be written in AS3 and be completely functional with no errors. The final output should include a functional desktop and mobile version.

You will be graded on the following:
  • Graphic Craftsmanship
    • Images are proper size, resolution, and format.
    • Images are clean, readable, and appropriate.
    • An alpha channel (transparency) is present where appropriate.
  • Graphic Aesthetics
    • The design of the artwork is novel/innovative.
    • The style has a unique appeal.
  • Code
    • Event handlers are attached and coded properly.
    • Functions operate as intended.
  • Usability
    • Free of frustrating errors.
    • The “feel” of the project is as expected and satisfying.
Assignment Video Tutorials
You may watch the video tutorial below.
Assignment Lab Materials
Download the lab materials here: mm_week12_labMaterial

Assignment Video Tutorials

Wait! Before you go!

Did you remember to?

  • Read through this webpage
  • Watch the videos
  • Submit the Casual Game Project on Blackboard
    • Post your project on the Casual Game Project Critique Discussion Board and comment on two of your peers’ posts.