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Digital Imaging II
Class 14: Final Class


    • Final Thoughts
    • Assignment 07

It’s hard to say goodbye

Final Thoughts


The biggest block I find for students is confidence:

  • Lack of confidence makes leads to miss opportunities
  • Too much confidence stunts your growth

Click on the car or cone to give corona what it deserves

Assignment 07

Final Exam:

Time for your exam. This exam is meant to replicate the Adobe Certification exam. You have the class to complete it. You may not recieve help from your peers or others. This is however an “open book” exam. Feel free to look up answers (this is not allowed in the actual certification exam).

You will be graded on the following:
  • Design
    • First ten questions are related to design theory
  • Photoshop
    • The second ten questions are related to Adobe Photoshop
  • ¬†Practical
    • The last section is creating an image with specific parameters
Project Cover Sheet
You may download the project cover sheet here
Assignment Video Tutorials

Wait! Before you go!

Did you remember to?

  • Read through this webpage
  • Complete Assignment 07 Final Exam on Canvas